Special Projects

CPSS offers professional services to help law firms achieve their goals in a cost-efficient, timely manner by providing expert support and resources.

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Streamline Your Law Firm with CPSS's Professional Services

As a law firm manager, you understand the importance of focusing on your core competencies and maximizing billable hours. However, special projects and other responsibilities can often become a burden on your staff, taking away from their valuable time and resources. That's where CPSS comes in. With over two decades of experience, we offer a diverse range of professional services that can help you achieve your goals in a cost-efficient manner.

Enhanced Law Practice Efficiency and Success

CPSS is well-equipped to handle any challenge, providing valuable support and resources that will contribute to the success of your law practice. By partnering with us, you can increase your bottom line and ensure that your staff is able to maintain their focus on what they do best.

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I have used the services of Judy Krajec and Complete Paralegal Support Services, Inc. for almost a year and am very pleased. I find Judy to be very professional and her work product to be of high-quality. I would recommend her to anyone who needs the extra help.

Attorney, Lake County


I have worked with Judy for 15 years and found her to be the most efficient, knowledgeable paralegal I have worked with in 20 years of being in business. Judy is a take charge individual who loves a challenge. I have found her always easy to communicate with and is a results oriented professional.

Private Investigator


Our firm has utilized Complete Paralegal Support Service for many legal services. Judy is a true professional with many years of experience. Her diligent research and development of pre-trial motions, exhibits, and trial binders are exceptionally thorough. We have been served by Judy with pre-trial motion filing through her presence and assistance at trial. We continue to trust and rely upon Complete Paralegal Support Services without reservation. Complete Paralegal Support Services is a reliable, respected company that we highly recommend.

Attorney, Palm Beach County


I have worked with Judy for over 10 years and found her to be reliable, very thorough in her work product and got things done in a timely manner. I highly recommend her.

Process Server


For the past 2 years Judy Krajec, Principal of Complete Paralegal Support Services, Inc. has provided outstanding service and support on our probate matters. Ms. Krajec offers far more than a proficiency in document preparation. She has a profound knowledge of the entire probate process. Her years of experience have provided her with exposure to unique situations which present in probate. She is thoughtful and does not hesitate to research an issue she regards as meriting further consideration.

Ms. Krajec’s professional experience as a paralegal in firms of varying sizes provides her with an awareness of the business of a probate practice which for me has been valuable. Judy speaks with clients, when appropriate and they respond well to her courteousness and availability. She regards her objective as providing expert, timely and well executed service, that makes my firm look good.

Attorney, Alachua County